Our Corporate Governance Policy is provided in sections below:

Section 1 - Board Charter (PDF)

Section 2 - Code of Conduct (PDF)

Section 3 - Audit and Risk Committee Charter (PDF)

Section 4 - Continuous Disclosure Policy (PDF)

Section 5 - Risk Management Policy (PDF)

Section 6 - Security Trading Policy (PDF)

Section 7 - Shareholder Communications Policy (PDF)

Section 8 - Whistleblower Protection Policy (PDF)

Section 9 - Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy (PDF)

Section 10 - Remuneration Policy (PDF)

Section 11 - Diversity Policy (PDF)



Health, Safety, Environment & Community Policy

Emmerson Resources Limited is committed to proactive development of our HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Community) values and culture.

In support of this policy, Emmerson Resources Limited will:

  • Ensure that employees and contractors have access to appropriate training, suitable equipment and effective supervision;
  • Meet statutory regulations and use "best practice" as our minimum standard and ensure all employees and contractors are aware of their legislative obligations and work in a safe and healthy manner, and in a way that minimises the impact of their activities on the environment and the community;
  • Measure and benchmark HSEC performance, to achieve continuous improvement;
  • Manage risks through hazard identification, assessment and appropriate corrective actions;
  • Maintain our licence to operate by engaging and communicating with all stakeholders and above all respecting the wishes of the traditional owners on whose land we explore; and
  • Fostering a proactive HSEC culture is everyone’s responsibility and thus all employees and contractors are expected to follow workplace practices and actively contribute to their improvement.