Tennant Consolidated Mining Group (TCMG) - NT

In November 2020, Emmerson formed a Strategic Alliance with the Tennant Consolidated Mining Group (TCMG) for exploration and mining activities over much of Emmerson’s Northern Project Area (NPA) in Tennant Creek. In June 2021, this strategic alliance was extended to also cover Emmerson’s Southern Project Area (SPA).

The Strategic Alliance with TCMG includes:

  • Two Exploration Earn-In and Joint Ventures (managed by Emmerson) whereby TCMG provides the next $10.5m of funding to earn a 75% interest in both the NPA and SPA  over a 5 year period
  • Two Small Mines Joint Ventures (SMJV) covering the NPA with Emmerson to receive:
    • Free carry, 6% gold production royalty from all small mines
    • Guarantee of 6% of a minimum 60,000oz gold production royalty or cash payment of any shortfall within 5 years
  • Major Mines JV from discovery of >250,000ozs gold with Emmerson to receive an immediate 40% contributing share
  • Emmerson retains 100% ownership of Edna Beryl and Jasper Hills projects


Mining Projects

Figure 1: Emmerson Resources exploration and mining projects across Tennant Creek

Drill Rig

Longreach Mineral Exploration – NSW

Emmerson Resources announced to the ASX on 24 June 2020 a Strategic Alliance with Longreach Mineral Exploration. The aim of the Strategic Alliance is to apply new technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), green rock geochemistry and geophysics tools to identify new gold and copper opportunities.

Longreach Mineral Exploration Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Longreach Capital Investment Pty Ltd, based in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 2005, Longreach Capital Investment has earned a strong reputation in the global petroleum industry through the success of its numerous subsidiaries focused on oil and gas exploration, seismic services, and machine learning/AI technologies.

The strategic alliance with Longreach Mineral Exploration compliments Emmerson’s existing capabilities and will provide a further path to accelerating project generation and early-stage exploration.

Duke Exploration(formerly Kenex) - NSW

Emmerson Resources has formed a partnership with Duke Exploration on NSW tenements held under Emmerson’s subsidiary, Lachlan Resources Pty Ltd.  The Duke Exploration team consists of highly regarded exploration professionals and listed on the ASX in November 2020.  The agreement enables up to 10% Free Carried Equity for Duke Exploration in the tenements of Fifield, Kiola, and Wellington.

Exploration & Project Pipeline – an exciting path to discovery and development

Emmerson Resources has a standout portfolio of projects in both the more mature, Tennant Creek Mineral Field in the NT and, the emerging Macquarie Arc in  NSW.  In combination, investors in Emmerson are exposed to a balance of projects at various stages of exploration and are within a business framework that ensures the exploration dollars are directed toward only the highest quality opportunities. 


Exploration Projects

Figure 2: Emmerson Resources exploration projects across NSW tenements