Our Corporate Governance Policy is provided in sections below:

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Sustainable Development

Emmerson Resources is committed to the principles of Sustainable Development, which go hand in hand with our commercial success.

Responsible economic development that sustains the present for the future."

We believe:

  • a commitment to sustainable development is the only way to be truly successful in business;
  • the relationship between a commercially profitable business and one that engages and commits to sustainable development is inseparable;
  • a profitable business can make a material contribution to the sustainable development of its host community;
  • Sustainable development is a mutual relationship, with reciprocal obligations to be recognised by all parties; and
  • Sustainable development is an “inside-out” process, with favourable bias towards the host community and its associated stake-


Emmerson Resources conduct all of our activities in an environmentally responsible manner:

  • our activities and those of our employees, contractors and consultants will be consistent with international “best practice” environmental principles;
  • our environment policy provides best practice guidance for our employees in relation to environmental management;
  • we recognise the past environmental legacies on our mining leases;
  • we will act in a manner that is consistent with government policy, existent agreements and our financial capacity.


Emmerson Resources is committed to act transparently towards all stakeholders, in doing so we:

  • recognise that our “licence to operate” is based on the quality of our relationships with our local, national and international stakeholders;
  • commit to communicate with and understand the views and needs of this broad stakeholder group, but believe our greatest responsibility is to our shareholders and host community.

Employer of Choice

Emmerson Resources seeks to be viewed as an employer of choice. We actively mentor and develop our employees, encouraging each to "act as an owner" of the business.  To support our employees in adopting this attitude, we: 

  • foster an open and inclusive management style;
  • commit to mentor and develop our employees; and
  • seek to provide opportunities for employees to grow with the Company.
  • We expect our employees to act in accordance with the policies and values of the Company.

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